Utrecht’s Artistic Girls

3484868135_34cdbc98c4_zOn the bridge by the Stadhuis, looking across the Oudegracht to the Winkel van Sinkel, is a relatively small statue of a girl on a carousel horse. Meisje op draaimolenpaard was created by Dutch artist Pieter d’Hont (1917-1997) in 1986. It turns out that she is just one of the many sculptures that d’Hont created that have found a home here in Utrecht.

There are more than 40 of d’Hont’s works in and around Utrecht, but the three I know best are the Girl on the Carousel Horse, Trijn van Leemput, and of course, the beautiful statue of Anne Frank, which he created in 1960, which stands outside of the Janskerk.

The next time you’re wandering around Utrecht, keep an eye out for some of his beautifully sculpted women. From sheer joy to stoic resolve, they’re impressive.
Anne Met Bloemen
Anne Frank
Trijn van Leemput


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