Tourists in Utrecht

One of the great things about Utrecht is that it isn’t overrun with tourists, especially in a city that is relatively small. Not that there is any shortage of things to see and do in Utrecht; it’s all just easier to reach on foot without taking lots of trams, buses, or even having to bike. (And really, if you’re a tourist, think twice about biking in the actual hearts of the big cities. Save it for outside the cities where you’re less likely to cause problems.)

Yet Utrecht does have a few spots where you’re likely to find the most tourists. This bridge over the Oudegracht is probably one of the busiest spots. To the left if the Domtoren and the white building on the corner on the left is one of our two souvenir shops. Plus, during the summer, locals and tourists alike enjoy some ice cream from the ridiculously cute ice cream truck there on the bridge. The bridge is also a great spot to take photos of the Domtoren, the views up and down the Oudegracht, and to debate whether or not to go into the “coffee shop” just out of shot.

The city has been making an effort to increase tourism, and there are pros and cons in both attracting more people and how they’ve gone about it. But so far it’s all still bearable. Having lived in Orlando, New Orleans, and New York, these are the kinds of tourist numbers that are easy to live with on a daily basis.

4 thoughts on “Tourists in Utrecht

  1. I stayed in Utrecht for a while with work and loved the place. There was an area down on one of the canals (in that you went down off the main street to the canal itself!) that had restaurants and bars that I liked but I didn’t really every get time to be a proper tourist.

    • Yup! Those are on the same canal, the Oudegracht. It’s great, because both tourists and locals go to these places. Just walking around the city is worth it, because there are some really beautiful streets and buildings everywhere. With some guidance, you can learn about the history and unique sights, as well. We also have some really good museums. It’s the kind of place that just visiting it is worthwhile, without being a “tourist”. Glad you enjoyed it, and hope you get to visit again.

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