Please Help Find This Couple


In the Expats Utrecht group on Facebook, Pilar Pereira posted this happy photo of a proposal taken at Park Lepelenburg yesterday with the following caption:

Today (29.10.2016) I spontaneously and secretly took this photo. I would like to thank them for the pic and apologise for being an intruder in their intimacy! But maybe the couple would like to have it as well. Congrats to both of them!

It’s such a lovely photo so I offered to post it here to try and spread the word and see if anyone knows — or is — the couple and can pass the photo along to them.

So to everyone in and Utrecht, whether local or expat, will you please share this post everywhere you can think of, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and ask others to share it, as well? Let’s find and congratulate the happy couple!

6 thoughts on “Please Help Find This Couple

  1. What if they wanted to STAY private? Such an intimate moment. doesn’t have to be shared with thousend’s of people they do not know?

  2. I posted it on my twitter. For myself, I think it would be cool to have the photo. Guess I feel that if they wanted it to be private they maybe should have sought a more private place. Of course, this maybe the place where they met and he wanted this venue to pop the question. At any rate, don’t think it can hurt to seek out the couple and ask if they want the photo.

    • Well, maybe they didn’t expect to be photographed on a quiet spot in a park änd have their romantic moment plastered all over the internet . Yes, perhaps they would like the photo but I find it scary that you and many others seem to think that there is no right to privacy anymore unless one is in her/his home with the curtains closed.

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