Holy Apartment

There are plenty of jokes about not being able to go far at all without coming across yet another church in Europe. They’re everywhere! Though I grew up in the Southern part of the US which certainly doesn’t have any shortage, either. Yet sometimes there end up more churches than needed. Demand has dropped. So what do you do with these beautiful buildings? In some cases, you turn them into apartments.

St. Martinus, a former Catholic church, was built in 1901 by architect A. Tepe in the Neo-Gothic style. By the 1970s, it was falling into disrepair and it was around 1988 that it was converted into apartments as they stand now.

One side of the building looks out onto a street, but the other side looks out over the Oudegracht. On that side, there’s still a statue of St. Martinus.

2 thoughts on “Holy Apartment

  1. Churches whose congregations have dwindled are being converted into apartments all over. My daughter lives in a big development in a church complex in Brooklyn and in Toronto there are several churches I have seen that have been converted into living accommodation.

    • I feel like I’ve read or seen something recently about a church/complex in Brooklyn being converted. Maybe it’s the same place!

      I’ve also seen plenty of British shows where they’re renovating an old small church to turn it into a home or it’s already been done. It makes sense if it’s an attractive building.

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