Greetings from Italy

I had truly meant to do one last proper goodbye post before moving, but it just didn’t happen. The move was unbelievably stressful and I’m so glad it’s over. But we survived the two-day drive with dog and cats and as much stuff as we could cram into our car and despite some snow in Switzerland and a traffic jam around Milan, we finally arrived in Bologna, tired but in one piece.

I do plan on having a proper new blog for my life in Italy, but while we wait to get phones and such sorted, you can see some of my photos at the future blog’s Facebook page, A Flamingo in Italy. You can also see some other photos on my Instagram page, oranjeflamingo. And in the meantime, I may even post a few more things here that I never got around to posting about.

I still miss the Domtoren, but I have a new tower in my life. Two, to be specific. I will always love the Domtoren, but I’m developing a new love for the Two Towers of Bologna.

So for now, doei, Domtoren, and ciao, le torri di Bologna.




16 thoughts on “Greetings from Italy

    • Thanks! There will be a LOT of architectural photos. This is like heaven for me with all the rustication, pilasters, colonnades, triglyphs, etc. Plus, the colors in Bologna are amazing.

  1. Hi Alison, I loved reading your stories about my home town And now I’m looking forward to read about your new adventures in Bologna. Wishing you all the best.

    • Thank you! I do miss Utrecht already in some ways, but it’s fun finding comparisons/similarities already between the two cities. I hope you enjoy the new blog once it’s up.

    • Oh, both cats and the dog are well settled in already. Lots of new places to climb and explore and visit, and that’s just within our apartment and G’s mother’s apartment next door! 🙂

  2. How exciting! We are neighbors now! Welcome to Italy…..ummmm….getting settled will probably take a while….be patient….feel free to write/call any time you need to vent…or cry. 🙂

    • Today was the cry day after a not so nice encounter in the dog park. I know enough Italian to know what he was saying to me, but not enough to respond the way I want. 🙂 Otherwise, it’s been ok so far. I do hope we can meet up at some point in the future once I am settled in a bit more. We still have a mountain of boxes that the cats love, but I can’t find stuff.

    • Thanks. This world is at least a little more familiar than the Dutch one was, as I’ve visited here over the years. Still, now I have to adjust from my Dutch life. It’s all a bit muddled at times, like my grocery list that is now in three languages. 🙂 But I’m looking forward to the new challenges and adventures. For the most part.

    • I’ve been to Italy a few times before and have lived with an Italian partner for 15 years, so the culture isn’t really a surprise. Having gone through another foreign move before, it’s not drastically different. I’m just tired from the stress of the move and trying to recall all the Italian I once knew. That’s the frustrating part, having to go back and review stuff I used to know but don’t remember fast enough for conversations. Otherwise, I’m enjoying it all so far. Bologna is such a gorgeous city.

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