A Flamingo in Italy

The site is still a work in progress, but you can follow my new adventures in Italy at A Flamingo in Italy. The best way to keep up is to subscribe through email. Then you get a message in your inbox any time I add a new post. Don’t worry, you won’t get inundated and you also won’t get anything other than blog updates. Promise!

What you will get are pictures of Italian architecture, pictures of bicycles, because it’s become habit, and quite a few pictures of the wall art/graffiti that is everywhere in Bologna. And the occasional coffee and pastry, because they’re delicious!

To be honest, who knows what else you’ll get. I have a lot of city to explore and there could be all sorts of surprises! Follow along and see what I find.


6 thoughts on “A Flamingo in Italy

    • I can’t help but notice the bikes when they pop up, though nowhere near as often now! I’m almost sad that it finally snowed again in Utrecht after we moved away! No snow here in Bologna.

  1. As an old “enjoyer” of your posts can you answer a question for me? What is the best time to catch the tulips in bloom and is there a particularly place to visit to see it. – On Italy … love it. Some clues … Visit the Etruscan tombs when you visit Tuscany … Watch the pasts, its sneaky fattening, but oh so GOOD.

    • Someday. When the temperatures drop and my mental health is a bit better. Think of it as a vacation break from blogging. 😉

      I just realized I missed your previous comment. Sometime in spring is the best time for the tulips, and generally head to the Leiden area. I’m sure there are better sources online that can tell you the specific time to go to see them at their best. And of course, a visit to the Keukenhof gardens is a floral wonderland.

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