A Sad Day for Nijntje

I just saw the sad news about Dick Bruna, the creator of Nijntje/Miffy passing away yesterday. Discovering his work was one of the many joys I got out of living in Utrecht. As well as the Nijntje books and related … Continue reading

Rainbows and Nijntje

Sunday morning, while walking with Charlie, I thought I’d get another shot of the rainbow street crossing over by Vredenburg. It’s always good to see and the colors seem to pop a bit more after the rain. Unfortunately, I only … Continue reading

1.5 Nijntjes

While visiting the Centraal Museum the other week, I came across two more of the Nijntje/Miffy statues as interpreted by various artists. The first one, appropriately, now stands outside the Nijntje Museum, which is across the street from the Centraal … Continue reading

One Last Nijntje

On the Jaarbeurs side of the train station there was yet another Nijntje on parade last summer. She had a view of the recently completed new town hall building. This splatter version of Nijntje (called Nijntje!) was by Jurriaan van … Continue reading

Superguppie Hearts Nijntje

Next stop on the Nijntje Parade is the Domplein, where two of the decorated, larger-than-life statue of Nijntje (Miffy) can be found. Even amid festivals and markets, the statues stake their claim. This one seems a particularly good pairing. It’s … Continue reading

Honeybun Nijntje

The vismarkt (fish market) might not seem the obvious spot for a somewhat glam rabbit, but that’s just where you can find this almost exotic looking version of Nijntje/Miffy. She’s certainly got a great view of both the Oudegracht and … Continue reading

Multiplying Nijntjes

The rabbits in Neude are multiplying. As part of the celebrations of Nijntje/Miffy’s 60th birthday, statues — decorated by a variety of artists — are showing up all over the city. Our Thinker on a Rock rabbit has been joined … Continue reading

Celebrating Nijntje (Miffy)

While friends were visiting in November, I finally got around to seeing the dick bruna huis. Admission is included in your ticket to the Centraal Museum (which is across the street from the dick bruna house), but I had never … Continue reading