Almost Wordless Wednesday

Molen de Ster
Last year, I started to do an Utrecht Daily Photo theme, but quickly slacked off, since I felt like I should add a bit more text to the photos if they were going to be on this blog. This year, I’ve been trying again, but this time on a separate blog, in fact, on Tumblr, which doesn’t make me feel like I should add much text. Anyway, if you want random photos of Utrecht on a daily basis and don’t want all my rambling thoughts, feel free to check out Trajectum Trajectories for a daily photo. There’s no rhyme nor reason to the photos I’ll be posting, other than I kind of like them and they’re taken in Utrecht.

Streets of Art

Fietsen op Brughelstraat
I still owe an answer and a post on the building I hinted at the other day, but I haven’t gotten around to uploading the photos yet (nor doing the little bit of research I need to do on the building). So instead, today you’ll get to hear about the streets near the building. There’s an area to the east of Wilhelminapark that features the names of famous Dutch artists in the street names. The art history geek in me would love to have any one of these street names as my own address! The one seen above is Pieter Breughelstraat. There’s also Rembrandtkade, and Frans Halsstraat, and perhaps a few others I just haven’t seen yet.

Frans Halsstraat

Hint of Things to Come

Modern Shadows
I’ve checked off another Rietveld building from my list. It was such a lovely day, so we took Pippo out and decided to go visit another of Rietveld’s houses that isn’t too far away. Once I have a chance to go through the photos and get them uploaded, I’ll post more about it. Can anyone guess which building it is in the meantime?

Foto Vrijdag: Things I Saw Today

Another bright, sunny day today, which also meant some interesting shadows. This one caught my eye. Click.
Then I figured I might as well get a shot of the chimney that was the source of that particular shadow, framed by the clear blue sky. Click.
Shadow Rider 63.365
Then my eye was caught by the interesting shadows on the brick street. I took a shot, but it was a bit dull. Then, as often happens, a bike came by, presenting a more interesting shot. Click.

Street Patrol

Street Scene
I was sitting downstairs this afternoon when I suddenly heard our dog start barking upstairs. Beneath the din of his woofing, I could hear some other clattering noise from the street. Eventually, the sound registered as horse hooves, so I grabbed my camera and raced upstairs, where I knew I could get a better shot. The weather has been clear and sunny, but not that crisp, sharp-edged clear, and from the distance, things got a bit hazy. I liked this shot in black and white, but I also like the splashes of color in some of the color shots I took. Either way, it’s nice to see life returning to the streets. I’m sure the horse police patrols are out other times of the year, but it does seem as if they’re out more as the weather improves. Just another sign that spring is on its way!

Church Row

Shadowy Figures
While we were out last week in the brief moment of sunshine, I snapped this photo of the Domtoren and the spire of Willibrord Church. I love the hazy silhouette look to it, and I just can’t help photographing the Domtoren when I’m out and about.

Utrecht has a long-standing religious history, with lots of churches and bishop seats and even a pope, so it’s not surprising that sometimes I feel like I’m back in the South, with church after church after church. In fact, along with the two churches in the photo, my back was right up against Janskerk when I took these photos.
Church Row

Sitting on the Sofa

Despite the rain that’s been with us all day, we headed out to hit up a few shops and the Saturday market. Half a kilo of shrimp for €5, and three stinky cheeses for €5 are pretty decent deals! After running most of the errands, we stopped at Café de Journal in the Neude square for a hot chocolate to take the chill off. As we sat out on the terrace, which fortunately has lots of big umbrellas and even a heater, we saw this group arrive.

PvdA is one of the political parties. Mark Rutte is the current prime minister of the country, but he’s with the VVD party. There’s an election coming up soon, so I guess this is some form of campaigning and perhaps a complaint against Rutte. The sign says, “Met Rutte kom je op de bank te zitten”, which basically means “sit on the sofa with Rutte”. I suppose there is some implied meaning that is just lost in translation. Or not. Anyway, they had a guy there with a paper mask of Rutte and you could get your photo taken seated next to him. No idea how successful they were, since it was raining. Who wants to sit on a soggy sofa? Hopefully someone reading this will be able to explain the whole sofa/Rutte thing. Meanwhile, as they were setting up, we saw a couple of people from D66, one of the other parties, walk past. They restrained themselves from standing behind the sofa and making rude gestures. I bet they at least thought about it.