What do you get for the 894th anniversary?

It’s that time of year again. Utrecht is celebrating its 894th year as an official city. On June 2, 1122, Keizer Henrik V officially recognized Utrecht as a city. (Of course, Utrecht’s history goes back much further. The Roman fortifications … Continue reading

Utrecht, The Hidden Gem

It seems that with the upcoming start of the Tour de France in July and Nijntje/Miffy celebrating her 60th birthday this year, Utrecht is starting to get a bit more international attention. The latest article to make the rounds is … Continue reading

Utrecht Turns 892

Gefeliciteerd, Utrecht! You make 892 look great! Today is the official Stadsdag (city day), commemorating the date that Utrecht became an official city. On June 2, 1122, Henrik V officially recognized Utrecht as a city. (However, don’t forget that Utrecht … Continue reading

Art Meets Construction in Utrecht

One of the many nice things about living in Utrecht is that when plywood walls go up during restoration or renovation of a property, they often become points of visual interest in their own right. Certainly, when some of the … Continue reading

Blogging Milestones, the BBC, and Me

There are various milestones in any blogger’s career. For some, it’s a certain number of followers or page views; for others it’s achieving major recognition. The milestones vary, but they do pop up occasionally. This week had one expected milestone … Continue reading

Bunnies Grow on Trees

Last week it was free-range chickens; this week it’s bunnies growing on trees. There’s always something to make you pause in surprise! Saturday, as we were walking along the Oudegracht, enjoying the misty but pleasant autumn weather, we were stopped … Continue reading