The Domtoren and the Pope


I love this little intersection of historic spots and lovely architecture, especially as dusk makes its way in and the setting sun turns the Domtoren a glorious rose gold. Now the spot also has the addition of the statue of Pope Adrian VI to help frame the whole scene.

Time Travel: Achter de Dom

1900 postal workers achter de dom utrecht post office(photo via Het Utrechts Archief)

This photo dates back to 1900 and shows a group of postal workers on the street behind the cathedral called Achter de Dom (achter means behind and de Dom refers to the cathedral). To the right of them is the entrance to the pandhof, the enclosed garden area next to cathedral. To the left was the post office.

Achter de Dom is one of my favorite streets, because it’s filled with historic buildings and just looks so picturesque and charming. Coming to the street from the opposite direction — from the Nieuwegracht — it’s particularly stunning as you see the apse of the cathedral towering over the street. No matter the angle from which you look at it, it’s a winner.
Achter de DomI couldn’t remember the exact angle of the original photo, so when I made this version on Sunday, I didn’t get it quite right, but close enough. Not much has changed, obviously. The men in the photo would have been standing roughly where the woman in the white top on the right is.
Achter de Dom
This is the same photo, but from a wider angle, so you can see the cathedral and its buttresses around the apse on the right. The large greyish building on the center left of the photo is the former post office. It was still in use for another 24 years after the 1900 photo was taken. Then, it was replaced by the massive and stunning building at Neude. Sadly, the post office at Neude closed in 2011 and its final use remains in limbo. In fact, it was the very last post office in the Netherlands. Everything now is privatized. Strange to think that the mail service has changed more than this street in the past 115 years, though mail delivery by bike is still a thing. Of course.

The Night Streets of Utrecht

Time Travel
Not much time for proper posts so far, but I thought I’d share these photos I took last week while enjoying the beauty of a clear night in the center of Utrecht. I love the area behind the cathedral (Achter de Dom), especially because it looks like it could be a street in a much older time. Particularly at night, it’s easy to forget what year it is as you walk down this timeless street. Well, it seems timeless, but I’m sure it’s changed a lot over the past 2000 or so years.

Anyway, I just liked the quiet, warm beauty of the scene, with the glow of the lamps and a few windows. Hopefully, you like it too. My plans for tomorrow evening include going to get some video of something I’d like to share with you all. I’ll also probably go try the new ice cream place since we didn’t make it over this weekend. I promise to report back!

Rustig Nacht