Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

A surprisingly hard theme this week to choose a photo for, since my whole blog is about learning about a foreign city that has now become my home. As an American living in the Netherlands, I’m gradually finding it harder to pinpoint what is foreign any more, as I get more used to the country.

Italy is both foreign and familiar to me. I studied its art at university and I’ve shared my life with an Italian for 11 years, but there’s enough that is still foreign and fascinating. I have a number of photos from my trips to Italy, but the first batches are actual photos and negatives. The last batch is saved on a disc, but my laptop won’t read it. Fortunately, I had one photo already saved on my laptop, so this is my last-minute foreign photo submission.

The architecture of Italy isn’t foreign to me. In fact, when I stumbled across this church (Sant’Andrea by Leon Battista Alberti) on a trip to Mantova (Mantua), it was like running into an old friend in an unexpected place. I had gone to Mantova to see the Palazzo Té, completely forgetting that this church was also in the city. You can read more about it (and see the full facade) here. My photo is just a detail of the central arch of the facade.

Another expat recently wrote about her own visit to Mantova, which is something of a hidden jewel.

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