Warholian Giraffes

Warhol Giraffe
Did you know that giraffes have the same number of vertebrae in their necks as humans? I saw that bit of trivia this afternoon and decided today would be a good day to post this picture of what I like to call Warholian Giraffes. This piece of art caught my eye and I couldn’t resist a quick snap. I may end up creating my own elephant or flamingo version at some point.

As for giraffes, they, like us, have seven vertebrae. The difference is that theirs can be as long as 10 inches and they’re more flexible than ours because theirs aren’t connected in the same way. I bet you weren’t expecting to learn giraffe trivia from an Utrecht blog, but after all, Utrecht is known as the city of “kennis en cultuur” (knowledge and culture) and that’s exactly what you get with this post!