Ship Recovered

Image by Sarolta Ban

It seems that all the rain we’ve had recently has been of some benefit after all. The rain washed away the encasing dirt from a long wooden freight ship in the neighborhood of the Leidsche Rijn Park here in Utrecht. According to the archaeologists on hand, the ship seems to be in relatively good shape, all things considered, and even has some of the traces of the shipbuilding process.

It’s all low-key right now, but the full presentation to the press should be made tomorrow (Wednesday 1 September). Included in the press conference will be information as to how old the ship and its cargo are, as well as the full location of where it was found. According to the municipality, there’s a good story behind it all. I’ll try to keep up on it all and post more info when it’s released.

I found out about it all via RTV Utrecht‘s Twitter feed, and it was on Twitter that I also found a photo taken by a resident at the ship’s site.

The beautiful (and appropriate) surrealistic image at the top is by Sarolta Ban. Go to the Bored Panda site to see much more of her fantastic work.