Lasers Over Utrecht

Light Show
To celebrate Utrecht University’s 375th anniversary, they’ve been shooting lasers at the Domtoren. Fortunately, they’re creating rather than destroying. What they’re creating is awe, wonder, and beauty. The seven colorful lasers, covering a distance of three kilometers from the Uithof to the Domtoren, are lighting up the city’s famous landmark each evening, beginning at 8 p.m., through 26 March.

Knowing the weather was ideal for an outing, with the skies clear of clouds, G and I went to see the laser light show last night. It’s being called Sol Lumen, in reference to the Trajectum Lumen light show that takes place every night around the city. I’ve seen parts of the Trajectum Lumen before, but still haven’t done the full tour. Soon! I hadn’t been sure what time the lasers actually began, so when we got our first glimpse of the Domtoren and didn’t see any lights, we decided to take the more roundabout way of getting to the Domplein, so that I could see a couple of other stops on the Trajectum Lumen tour.
Willibrordkerk (church) Halo

Stahuis and the Blue Bridge
We ended up timing the walk almost perfectly. By the time we had walked beneath the Domtoren and entered into the Domplein, the first green laser appeared. Within moments, there was a rainbow of lasers lighting up the Domtoren.
It really was a beautiful sight. The lasers moved about a bit, but only within a small distance, hovering around the eastern clock face. The display is supposed to represent the ties between knowledge and culture. It’s a beautiful statement. I’m so glad I got to see it.

clock face
Lights and Lancets

Lancet window architecture
Five Past Green
Tick Tock
Clocks and Colors

The individual rays seen behind the cathedral.
Achter de Dom