Bikes and Rain

Bicycle Rain Coat 33.365
We had a couple of days of real sunshine this week! Amazing!

Unfortunately, we’re now back to rain and more rain. And rain again.

So, since I’m a bit distracted with other tasks, I figured I’d post this simple photo, which is a regular sight in the Netherlands. Bike seats covered with plastic bags. Some people use the bags to hide the fact that they have a nice (expensive!) bicycle seat. Others use the bags to try to protect their rear end from the unsightly, uncomfortable and embarrassing wet tush effect that comes from riding a bicycle seat that has had time to soak up all of the rain. Usually the bags are plain white ones, as you can see, but I was particularly taken with this bike pairing because of the more stylish/graphic art element to the bag in the front. It’s a nice little pop of color and design on a rainy day.