Name This Band

There were all sorts of sights to see yesterday. Besides the Domtoren Death Ray and hordes of tourists, there was also a music video of some sort being shot on the Oudegracht. Just as we were approaching the Stadhuisbrug, we heard music and looked to see one of the boats serving as a setting for a trio filming their performance. It brought back memories of the Lemonheads’ video for their cover of Mrs. Robinson.

I have no idea who they are, but would be curious to find out, since it would be nice to eventually get to see the video. Does anyone recognize them, by chance? I got the impression that they might not be Dutch, since the guy with his back to the shot turned around after they were finished playing and said thank you and maybe something else in English when all the people watching started to clap.


After my last post about the sounds of Utrecht and my recording of the Dom Toren chiming the noon hour, it seemed appropriate to post the following video, since it has double relevance.

Thanks to Kay’s informative comment about the prevalence of carillons here in the Netherlands, I learned a bit more about these bell organs of sorts, which made this video make even more sense. You can see the carillon actually being played briefly. Also interesting to me was seeing/hearing that song played this way; an old instrument playing new music. It’s not just a museum piece; it’s still relevant.

The group shown is a local Utrecht group, C-mon & Kypski. They’ve done some touring in the US and have a decent following. It also turns out that we’re neighbors with Kypski (drummer/scratcher) who is also an endorser of Pork Pie Percussion, the brand G distributes. I met him recently and he’s a really nice guy. Talented, too.

Here’s an older, fun song of theirs that I like. Bonus points for actually being filmed here in Utrecht.