Gothic Revival

Ghost in the Sunshine
The cathedral of Utrecht, built in the classic Gothic style, has a beautiful and atmospheric cloister garden next to it. The tracery and the lancet windows framing the walkway around the garden seem to transport visitors back in time.
Occasionally, you may even see someone there who adds to the feeling of the shifting mists of time. Hooded cloaks still show up with some regularity, moving along the walkways or pausing for reflection and contemplation.
Hooded Figure
It’s not hard to imagine monks, scholars and scribes rustling along the flagstone floors, or nuns with their robes whispering around them as they head to prayers.
Snapping the Snapper
But then you see the photographer and the light umbrellas and all the other tourists milling about, and the man-made sheen to the robes, and you come rushing back to reality. Fortunately, with some cropping and editing, at least a bit of the mystery and daydream can be regained.