Foto Vrijdag 2.32

It’s cooling a bit and the sun comes and goes, but it’s still nice enough usually to enjoy sitting on a terras somewhere in town. This weekend should warm up, although still be a bit overcast. It’s also the Summer Darkness festival here in Utrecht, which means all the goth kids will be out in force. I’ll be making a trip to the Domplein to check out some of the fashion shows and sightseeing.

Foto Vrijdag 2.22

Café Olivier [Day 152/365]

A slightly different shot from my usual stuff — more people! I went to another TweetUp last night and we started the evening off at Café Olivier, a Belgian beer bar located over by the Hoog Catharijne. I’d seen the outside of the café before, and even taken a few photos, but I had never been inside and didn’t realize it was actually a converted church. It’s lovely inside, as you can see, and they have a massive selection of Belgian beers from which to choose. I really must go back again soon and maybe have a bit more time to focus properly on the large menu of beers.

As it is, I had a great time catching up with people I’ve met before, while finally meeting others. Everyone was lovely and as always, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and look forward to seeing them all again.


Fountain at Janskerkhof
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Despite our anniversary being last Wednesday, we didn’t go out for our planned sushi dinner until Saturday. We went to Konichiwa over on Mariaplaats. Sadly, no toro (a type of tuna), but we did try something new: baars. It wasn’t until we got home that we found out it’s perch. It was very delicate and quite good, so we’ll end up adding that to our list of regulars, such as eel and salmon.

After dinner, we stopped by Graaf Floris café for an Irish coffee. (They don’t use whipped cream to top the coffee, they use proper cream poured over the back of a spoon.) We got a seat outside and enjoyed the last bright rays of summer sun and did some people watching. There seemed to be lots of Italians about that evening, as well as a handful of Americans.

Friday was a lovely evening as well, although we were a bit tired that evening and didn’t stay out very late. We met a large group of friends at Café Potdeksel; a group gathering of many of the people we’ve been fortunate to meet so far. The latest Dutch phrase I’ve been taught is lekker ding (eye candy). Today, Lip, one of the lovely people we’ve met, is getting married. I hope everyone has a great time.

Tomorrow I’m going to go finalize my residency stuff and get my ID card. (Hopefully, I won’t be asked to show it often, as the photo is atrocious.) I had a moment of panic this morning, as I couldn’t find where I’d put the piece of paper I have to take with me. It was in the other safe place I’d put it. I had thought that I would have to go back up toward Amsterdam, but it turns out I can go to the IND office that is here in Utrecht. That makes things even easier!

This upcoming weekend should be good. Saturday is the Open Monument Day, where museums and monuments around the country open up free of charge. I need to make a list of places to go. I should probably just go to the tourism office in order to get a better of idea of just what all the places are. I’ve looked briefly at the Open Monument Day website, but the Dutch, of course, makes it a bit more difficult. 😉 There’s some sort of musical toy museum that I’m curious to see. Then on Sunday, it’s the Culturele Zondag (Cultural Sunday) event with the Utrecht Uitfest, which is going to be the opening for the cultural season. It seems to be a circus theme of sorts this month. The Utrecht Film Festival is this month as well, although I suspect we might need to know a bit more Dutch before we can truly appreciate that. 😉