Utrecht is Drowning

We’ve had a fair bit of rain the past few days, but not enough that I would have expected a whole chunk of the wall/road along the northern section of the Oudegracht to simply give way. Yet that’s what happened today. The eastern side of the Bemuurde Weerd has collapsed.

The historic embankment dates back to 1300. It is in this area that Sinterklaas arrives each year, and in fact, the part that collapsed seems to be right where I’ve stood in years past. It’s only about a month until Sinterklaas’s arrival, so I’m not sure what they’ll do now, since much of the surrounding area is unstable at the moment.

So far, one tree has collapsed into the canal, blocking boats and taking part of the embankment with it. Another tree seems to be at risk, and the road/bridge next to the Nijntje Pleintje is also considered unstable at this point. According to some of the photos posted to Twitter, it looks like a cart and even a car are also at risk of going in.

I’m sure the Dutch mastery over water will win out in the end, but for now, water has won this round.

ETA: A few more photos and video of the disaster.
And a depiction of what the original defensive gate looked like that stood on that spot.