RIP Sheriff

I woke to horrible news yesterday. A neighborhood icon, Sheriff the cat, had died. Even more tragic, his death came as the result of some vile person kicking him. The animal ambulance came, but there was too much internal bleeding to save him. The psychopath who kicked him has been arrested.

It’s hard to imagine the neighborhood without Sheriff. Although he called Café Tilt home, he could be found wandering throughout the immediate neighborhood and among the many bars and terraces. A friendly cat, he seemed to take his name seriously, often walking with us as we returned home, as if making sure we made it safely. Once we were in our house, he would then continue his patrols, vigilant, but often with a friendly meow.
Wittevrouwen Muur Kunst
He is one of the stars of a wall mural just off Wittevrouwenstraat behind Café Tilt, along with other icons of Utrecht. The mural is a nice reminder, but it will never make up for losing the real Sheriff. The loss has been felt by many, with outpourings of horror and grief throughout social media. He was such a frequent sight that losing him really does feel like losing one of my own beloved cats. It’s hard to believe we’ll never see his battered ears and beautiful black and white whiskers again.

Rest in peace, our dear friend.
My Hero!
SherrifSuperstar [Day 43/365]

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Caturday: A Progression

window cat
A cute little back street in Utrecht on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The vanishing perspective, the rounded corner of the building, the different shades of bricks … they all caught my eye.

But it was the rounded corner building that really grabbed my attention.
window catParticularly the windows right on the curve.
window cat
Especially the beautiful — if somewhat disdainful — white cat sitting in the window.
window cat

The Return of Caturday

Oudegracht Bloemen KatCats and the internet are a match made in heaven, so when in doubt, blog about cats. Utrecht is full of beautiful cats, in front windows and out on the streets, so here are a few I’ve come across recently.

This first cat was hanging out by the flower vendors on one of the bridges across the Oudegracht. He was sniffing the bikes and tarps and rubbing against both, claiming them all. I think of this next photo as his “proud warrior” stance.Oudegracht Bloemen Kat
On my birthday, as we walked down Voetiusstraat, we saw one of our old cat friends.Voetiusstraat KatHe was obviously busy and had places to go, but you can always count on him to come and say a brief hello, before heading off once again. I think he may have been going to try his luck at Carla’s for some tasty nibbles.Voetiusstraat KatSpeaking of tasty nibbles, Luna is making it clear that she would like some of her own now, thank you very much. When she gives me that look, I know it’s time to listen. Enough with posting about other cats, time to focus on my own!Waiting, Not So Patiently