The Sheriff of Utrecht

Superstar [Day 43/365]
There are a lot of semi-famous cats here in Utrecht, ones who are a regular fixture in their neighborhood or in various shops and restaurants. The Oudegracht is home to many of them, but we’ve got one in our neighborhood, too. His name is Sheriff and he’s absolutely adorable.

He lives up to his name, keeping an eye on things and making sure people get home safely. It’s not uncommon for me to pass Sheriff on my way home and for him to end up following me all the way. He likes to run along the parked cars and keep a few paces behind or ahead of you, but always following along. He sees you off at your front door and goes about his business, keeping the neighborhood well-patrolled!
My Hero!
He’s seen his share of disturbances, if his ears are anything to go by, but otherwise he seems in good health and definitely doesn’t seem to go hungry. He’s held his own with our dog Pippo, too, who likes to bark at any cats in the neighborhood. Pippo rounded a corner and startled Sheriff one day and got whacked on the nose in the process. He’s been more hesitant around Sheriff ever since! (For the record, Pippo’s always on a lead and we keep an eye out for any cats to try and avoid any scenes like that.)
I think the people at Café De Stad take extra care of Sheriff and he’s often found curled up for a nice nap on one of the cushions on their benches. The rest of the time, he’s often to be found prowling around the other cafés and through the park. Just keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

(No, it’s not snowing, these are just old photos of Sheriff, caught on an occasion when I didn’t have my hands full and did have a camera with me. It’s just taken me a while to blog about him.)