Take a Seat

Creative Seating
The other week, while walking through the Stadhuisplein (City Hall Square), I found myself doing a double take when I saw this chair seat bolted onto a tree stump. It seems like it could be quite comfy, although you have to hope any action is happening in that one direction. Still, it does leave quite a lot of ground to survey. I’m not sure when the tree was cut down. I know it was there in 2009, since you can see it here just behind the little caravan in this photo:
I’m pretty sure the tree was still there at least in September of last year, based on a few other photos. Regardless, someone has had an innovative approach to adding more seating to the square. I can’t help but think that only a very tall Dutch person would think to add a seat to a tree stump that tall — at least not without adding a few “steps”!

There are numerous reasons for why it’s there. It could be part of the night of creativity that took place recently, during which a variety of creative alterations were done to sites around town, including the renegade knitting. Or, it could be an early setup for the Festival a/d Werf taking place now. Or it could have been done by a random person, including any of the squatters who live in the building in the background. That, by the way, is an interesting story worth a separate post.
Sitters or Squatters?
No matter the reason, it’s one of those little creative things here in the city that I can’t help but love. Be it art, protest, humor, or just a nice spot to sit, it certainly keeps things interesting!