El Camino

An American in Utrecht
There are certain things you just don’t expect to see in the Netherlands — or Europe, in general — and big, old, American cars are one of those things. To be honest, I’m even a bit surprised when I see contemporary SUVs. With petrol/gas prices as high as they are here (I think someone recently mentioned it working out to $8 a gallon), you can imagine that more fuel-efficient cars are in high demand here.

So as we were out walking yesterday morning, enjoying the good weather and just wandering through some of the smaller side streets, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this El Camino. An El Camino! In Utrecht! Growing up in the 1970s, I do remember these cars; I think some neighbors that lived on Harrington Street had one. (I had to Google that street name, and in the process just spent a ton of time revisiting the old neighborhood using Google Street View.) So yeah, a real-life El Camino in the historic city center of Utrecht. I think this may even be a third-generation version, which could well have been built the year I was born.
El Camino
An Unexpected Sight
The funny thing is that I hated these cars back in the day. I thought they were ugly and kind of redneckish. Now, I don’t seem to mind them as much; they’re retro/classic cars now! It’s amazing what a bit of nostalgia and a few thousand miles can make a person overlook.
One of These Things Does Not Belong