Occupy Wall Street Via Utrecht

Yesterday, across multiple countries, people gathered to “occupy” their cities in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protest that has been taking place in New York. Utrecht was the starting point for the occupy events in the Netherlands. It was a crisp, bright, autumn day and the Domplein was particularly beautiful with the sunlight filtering through the trees.

Occupy Utrecht

When we got back from the event, I figured that I’d try posting some of my photos to actual news sources, if possible, since it is part of a global event. I had limited time due to other plans for the day (more about that in another post), so I only had time to send them to one news site. I ended up going with CNN and their iReports, since I figured there might be more interest for the topic on CNN, a primarily US-based news service. You can see the report on the CNN site, including seven photos that I thought best represented the event. You may notice that there’s a CNN iReport badge on the corner of my photos, as well as the producer comment. That means that my posting was actually vetted by CNN and considered somewhat official! I had an e-mail from the producer waiting for me when I got home last evening. It was kind of exciting to have it included!

Occupy Our Minds

In the small-world category, it turned out I had seen the gentleman above the day before as I was going to the grocery store. I noticed his distinctive sweater that day, so it made him easy to recognize yesterday. He was there leading people in meditation, with his own sign that recommended that people “occupy” their minds through meditation.

It really was a nice event: peaceful, thoughtful, and supportive.

Occupy Utrecht

Den Haag Is Where?!

We generally watch BBC News at 6 p.m., and CNN’s International Desk at 7 p.m. to get our nightly news fix. Last night, while watching CNN, the show presenter was talking about what they would be discussing after the break. The topic was Karadzic’ trial in Den Haag (The Hague). The presenter said something along the lines of, “Up next, news from Belgium about the trial of Karadzic.”



Who knew Den Haag was in Belgium?! It turns out I’ve been to Belgium and I didn’t even know it! That’s where we bought out sideboards! I must say, though, the border crossing is not well-marked at all. 😉 Giovanni and I had to laugh about it, because we’re always half joking that the Netherlands never gets mentioned on CNN, even for the weather. So now, when they have reason to mention the country, they still manage to avoid it by saying that the International Tribunal is in Belgium. Oy! I know it was a slip of the tongue, but even worse, he didn’t even correct himself after the break.