Indecision About Paths Taken

Two Gentlemen
We saw these two gentlemen striding along with their tailcoats on Saturday morning. Heads down, hands behind the back, determined in reaching their destination. They were walking quickly, so I had to shoot fast.

The light was incredibly bright, but there was also a slight haze to the early morning. Trying to balance the lights and shadows took a bit of extra post-processing effort, something I don’t usually do. I also couldn’t decide whether I liked it best in black and white or in colour, so I present both options to you.

A Tale of Tails

They rounded the corner quickly, but we were meandering a bit more slowly, so I didn’t see which path they chose. If they stayed on the hard right, they would have ended up heading in the same direction we were going toward Lange Nieuwestraat. However, they also could have turned right but then veered to the left a bit to head down along the Nieuwegracht. Wherever they went, I hope they had as lovely a day as I did.

I thought I’d enter this into the Sunday Post photo project blog that has some interesting themes and wonderful art. The theme this week is Morning. I love the morning light in this photo and the potential of so many wonderful things that could happen when you see someone in tails that early.