We got a nice bit of sneeuw (snow) on Friday, but today was the first chance I had to get out and enjoy any of it. It’s been bitterly cold, supposedly getting down to -18C yesterday, so it’s not like you’d want to spend hours outside anyway. Well, I suppose all of the ice skaters might be spending a fair bit of time, not to mention the kids sledding down anything even remotely resembling a hill. Anyway, I’ve got another busy week ahead of me, so no real time for proper blog posts. Instead, I think I’ll just post a picture a day of the snow photos I took today. Considering we’re looking at below freezing temps for much of the week, the snow itself might still be around all week!


I just took Pippo out for a walk and as we were coming back and reached the area where all the cafés/bars are, a woman across the street from me was obviously looking at me and speaking to me. The usual moment of panic set in, but then it clicked as to what she was asking. She was asking if all of the cafés there were closed. (There are three all in one little area, including our local.) “Ja,” I answered — and quickly walked on. They open in about an hour and a half, I think, but I don’t know how to say that in Dutch yet. Why ruin a good moment!

I was thinking of going to the bar tonight to watch the next Netherlands football match, since Giovanni is in Germany and René and Merian will probably be there, but I think I’m just not over this cold enough to do it. My head is still congested to the point where I can’t hear well, and I’ve got a nasty cough. I suspect a warm, packed bar probably isn’t the best place for me tonight. Oh well. The way they’ve been playing, they should make it through this match and I’ll have another chance to see them in a celebratory setting in the semi-finals.

The wall behind the sofa has been painted orange today. I’ll post pictures soon. It looks mooi!

ETA: I spoke too soon. I just ran out to the grocery store to pick up a few things and on my way back — weighed down with a heavy grocery bag in one hand and a bag of dog food in the other — a man stopped me and started speaking. Trying to juggle the heavy bags and explain that I don’t speak Dutch, he then asked me in English where the train station is. At least that I could basically help with that, although I was feeling a bit flustered — and a bit ill, to be honest — and wasn’t as specific as I could have been. Oh well, I pointed him in the right direction. I’m sure someone else will help if need be.

That little walk to the store really took it out of me, though. I guess I’m still much weaker than I thought. Stupid cold.


I realize that those of you dealing with temperatures in the 90s probably aren’t going to have much sympathy for me, but it’s been cold here today and is going to stay cold for the next few days. Supposedly, we had a high of 61 today. Supposedly. That’s about as warm as it’s going to get until at least Tuesday.

In theory, I actually like this, but with the bulk of my warmer clothing still held up at customs, I’m a bit less thrilled.