Rainy Day Come My Way

Storm Cloud
This is the kind of weather we’ve been having. Hints of sunshine overwhelmed by dark storm clouds. It has its pros and cons.

On the con side, going out is a bit chancy, since you’re liable to get rained on at some point. If you bother with an umbrella, that’s just one more thing to carry. Forget taking photos. You have to juggle the camera and the umbrella and that just gets silly after a while. I know; I’ve tried it often! There’s also the matter of getting around town when it’s raining. You can walk and get rained on (even with an umbrella), or you can bike and get rained on (even with an umbrella, and I’ve seen many people bike while holding an umbrella). Many people just don’t bother with the umbrella, either wearing rain gear or just toughing it out. Yesterday I was reading about some mothers who were complaining about the “mother and child” spots being taken at their local grocery store (in the UK). So much whining! At least they have a car and somewhere to park at all! They should try it the Dutch way, in which (pregnant) women — often with another child or two in tow — do all their errands and shopping on a bike! In the rain!
(The blue bundle in front of the woman is a child bundled up.)
In All Weather

On the pro side of all this rain, we do get some wonderful light. Sometimes there’s an ethereal glow that settles over everything. Other times there’s a wonderful underwater ripple and stillness that produces lovely soft lights and shadows. The light can stop you mid-sentence with its beauty. I only wish I could capture it properly.
Storm Lighting [Day 214/365]
Even when all the color seems to disappear on a rainy day, there are still moments of quiet beauty and interest. The monochromatic effect makes you look at shapes, rather than get distracted by all the colors.

We do get a lot of rainy days, and sometimes it’s hard to find the beauty when there are a lot of them in a row, but it does help to try and look for the positives when you start to get a bit restless from cabin fever.