Foto Vrijdag 2.32

It’s cooling a bit and the sun comes and goes, but it’s still nice enough usually to enjoy sitting on a terras somewhere in town. This weekend should warm up, although still be a bit overcast. It’s also the Summer Darkness festival here in Utrecht, which means all the goth kids will be out in force. I’ll be making a trip to the Domplein to check out some of the fashion shows and sightseeing.

Op De Tafel

One of my favorite color combinations is blue and green, particularly light blues with apple greens. In decorating the house, I’ve been using those basic color combinations quite a bit, as well. Our bedroom is decorating in shades of blue and green, as is our bathroom, and I’ve brought it into the dining room, as well.

I’ve been looking for just the right fabric in those colors to either recover or embellish our currently white dining room chairs. No luck yet, but I found a way to bring a bit more of that color combination into our dining room by making a table runner with some fabrics I’ve had on hand for a while. I bought the floral print a few years ago in North Carolina, simply because I liked it, without any real plan for what to do with it. The blue is a cotton canvas I bought at the lapjesmarkt here in Utrecht. The bottom of all the circles is a light purple fleece-type fabric that I bought ages ago in New York City to make cat toys. Quite the cosmopolitan table runner, I guess!