Crooks and Action Heroes

There’s some renovation going on along some of the (historical) buildings along the Drift canal with some interesting and artistic artwork along the plywood panels. Many of the buildings along the canal are part of the university’s “campus” and I think the artwork may be done by students.
Action Hero
This part kills the editor in me, though, because I want to fix it every time I see it. It should be “coming outta nothing” for the slang version or “coming out of nothing” for the more appropriate English version. If they could just add in one more T, I would be happy.
I don’t know what BURNRS is.
Action and Ethics
From A to Z
It’s a fun and interesting decoration for what would otherwise be plain ol’ plywood and plastic sheets. I look forward to seeing the final product, even if it’s just cleaned up. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be showing a few more of the historic buildings along this canal.