Dutch Twang

The title sounds quite naughty, doesn’t it. But get your minds out of the gutter — they’ll drown from all this rain — I’m talking about accents, particularly when singing bluegrass music. Friday night we went to the Potdeksel, as we’re wont to do. When we got there, I remembered that it was Utrecht’s night for the PopRonde, a country-wide music festival taking place at different dates in different cities. The Potdeksel was one of the bars and caf├ęs in town with performances taking place, in this case, a show by Eve’s Apples.

I had heard a bit of their music on the PopRonde website and thought they sounded interesting, but didn’t really give it much more thought as I was trying to get a piece written about the festival for Trippist. When Friday night rolled around, all I really remembered was that they were a country/folk group. We were sitting outside when they actually took the stage — it was getting quite warm and stuffy inside — and were pleasantly surprised by what we heard. At one point, Giovanni was joking that they should do a version of Jolene, the classic Dolly Parton song. The next song they performed? Jolene. Couldn’t ask for better timing!

So, the twang part. If you listen to them, you might be surprised by how decent a job they do at getting the country/bluegrass twang into their voices, despite being Dutch. It was always slightly strange to hear them speak between songs, because you’d get used to hearing these traditional Southern folk songs and then suddenly they’d be speaking Dutch. Makes you want to start rubbing at your ears to make sure you’re hearing things right!