Culturele Zondag

Stunten Op De Miniramp
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It’s that time of the month again: Cultural Sunday! Sadly, the weather isn’t really cooperating for parts of it. Fortunately, there are many indoor events, as well. I suspect with the approach of autumn/winter, more of the events will be indoors.

As our Dutch is still limited to discussion of broken heels and zippers and the occasional elephant, it’s a bit difficult to follow the Cultural Sunday website, but I managed to find out that there was some dancing going on at the Stadsschouwburg (the theater on the next street over from us). We headed over around noon and got to see some local students performing various routines of poppin’ and lockin’ and breakdancing and freestyle, along with a bit of rapping and singing. It was pretty fun, actually. They’re offering workshops throughout the day, as well, if you want to learn to do some of the dance styles, including krumping. As hilarious as it would have been for G and I to try, we decided not to. We’ll save the dancing for Pippo.

We came home and had lunch and then it was Pippo’s turn for a bit of culture. He and I headed over to the Neude to see the skateboarding that was scheduled. Sadly, as you can see from the photo, there wasn’t much action. Actually, there was none at all. The rain wasn’t playing nice. Pippo and I got a bit damp and didn’t get to see any skating, but Pippo didn’t seem to mind. He’ll take any excuse for an outing.

There are other concerts going on around the city, as well as art exhibits, stand-up comedy and more, but I think we’ve had our fill for the day. Next month’s event is coming soon. It’s 9 November and the theme is kinderkunstdag (children’s art day). That might be closer to our language level!