Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret


I regret not living closer to Den Haag where my friends run the American Baking Company. Their desserts are delicious! I got to enjoy some of them this past Saturday when I went to help them out with a project. They kindly sent me home with some freshly made cinnamon buns, a mini cupcake, and some Hello Dolly bars. Every bite was fantastic! I saw some of their other treats on offer at the Coffee Company in Den Haag and I regret not buying some red velvet cake and cheesecake to bring home with me!

So, if you’re in Den Haag or in Amsterdam on Sunday afternoons near the Sunday market, go look for American Baking Company. You won’t regret it!
Hellow Dolly

Fun with Frosting

I spent a fun day in Den Haag with the American Baking Company. You know it’s a good day when you get home and discover cinnamon bun frosting in your hair!

I really do like Den Haag and want to spend more time exploring the city. It’s got some really beautiful spots and a nice mix of old and new architecture.
Building Den Haag

Third Tuesday in September

Every year, on the Derde Dinsdag in September (third Tuesday in September), the Queen goes before Parliament to discuss the budgetary goals for the coming year. Today was that day. It’s known as Prinsjesdag, when the Queen drives to Parliament in the Golden Carriage to deliver the speech from the throne.

Den Haag (The Hague) is where the Eerste Kamer en Tweede Kamer (First Room and Second Room, literally, but essentially the Senate and House) meet, although technically Amsterdam is the nation’s capital. It’s all a bit confusing. To add to the confusion, although the Queen presents the budget, the speech is actually written by the cabinet. Her role is purely ceremonial, although the money allotted to the royal family certainly isn’t ceremonial. As the announcement of cuts of 18 billion Euros was made today, it’s hard to see the value of a monarchy.

The speech was given at the Ridderzaal (Knight’s Hall) pictured above. It was built in the 13th century for Floris V, Count of Holland. Eventually, the other buildings that make up Parliament were built up around Ridderzaal, and now the area is known as the Binnenhof (inner court).

To read more about today’s troonrede (royal speech), check out Radio Netherlands Worldwide. They include a nice slideshow of photos from today. If you know Dutch, you can read the actual speech here.

The following are just a few other photos I’ve taken in the Binnenhof of some of the various Parliament buildings that essentially encircle the Ridderzaal.




New Versions of Old Architecture

I’ve been to Den Haag (The Hague) twice in the past couple of weeks. I’m starting to actually be able to find my way around chunks of it without a map. One spot that I’ve seen every time is this new housing development of sorts. It’s eye-catching and I love the idea behind it. They’ve recreated typical Dutch row housing, and even included a “canal” of sorts, but all with a modern touch to it. It provides a bit of continuity to the city, without staying completely stuck in the past. The canal is actually just a shallow pool, but it ads a bit of charm and life to the block. I’m not sure if it is actually housing or if it’s offices or a mix of the two. Either way, it’s a nice nod to the past, while offering modern construction.
Modern Dutch
I couldn’t resist doing a bit of searching. It turns out the complex is called ‘t Haegsch Hof and it is a residential place. There’s more info here (in Dutch). Modern living in a nostalgic jacket is what their marketing phrase translates to literally. I guess you get the point. Modern interior; nostalgic exterior.

Wordless-ish Wednesday: Dodenherdenking

Remembrance Day
Just a few words … Dodenherdenking (Remembrance Day) takes place each year on 4 May. It honors civilians and military personnel who have given their lives in service to the Netherlands since the outbreak of World War II. The flags fly at half-mast, as this one was doing today in Den Haag (The Hague). More about my visit tomorrow.

Den Haag Is Where?!

We generally watch BBC News at 6 p.m., and CNN’s International Desk at 7 p.m. to get our nightly news fix. Last night, while watching CNN, the show presenter was talking about what they would be discussing after the break. The topic was Karadzic’ trial in Den Haag (The Hague). The presenter said something along the lines of, “Up next, news from Belgium about the trial of Karadzic.”



Who knew Den Haag was in Belgium?! It turns out I’ve been to Belgium and I didn’t even know it! That’s where we bought out sideboards! I must say, though, the border crossing is not well-marked at all. 😉 Giovanni and I had to laugh about it, because we’re always half joking that the Netherlands never gets mentioned on CNN, even for the weather. So now, when they have reason to mention the country, they still manage to avoid it by saying that the International Tribunal is in Belgium. Oy! I know it was a slip of the tongue, but even worse, he didn’t even correct himself after the break.