Every Man Is His Own Clock, Tic Toc

The Domtoren was a bit temperamental yesterday, refusing to tell the time at various points throughout the day. The news spread on Twitter and the gemeente/municipality commented, but said that the cause of the problem was unknown.

Considering the heat of the day — summer finally arrived although it seems ready to disappear again — I think the Domtoren just couldn’t be bothered. It was too hot to do much of anything! And really, after 600 years, I think even the Domtoren can be excused for playing hooky occasionally.

As it turns out, the cause of the problem was revealed today. There was a burr in one of the gears that has since been fixed. Interestingly, the gears that run the four clocks on the Domtoren are surprisingly small. You can see a picture of them here.

Tick Tock