Caturday: Tree Climbing Edition

It’s a rare outing in Utrecht that doesn’t include the sighting of at least one cat. Whether it’s a cat comfortably curled up in a cafĂ© or roaming the city streets, there’s no shortage of feline residents.

As I was walking along the Oudegracht this week, I saw an adorable dark grey cat among the mass of bikes parked at the Donkere Gaard. She was tiny and sleek and a bit more skittish than many of the local cats. Before I had much time to admire her, she’d taken off, weaving her way through the bikes. I was heading in the same direction and then turned onto the bridge to cross to the other side of the canal. As I was walking along the bridge and admiring the view, I saw the little cat again. She was on the edge of the street level, clearly readying herself to jump onto the nearby tree.

That’s what you see in the photo above. Look closely. She’s the blur racing up the trunk of the tree. Fortunately, I had my camera phone out, having planned on taking a photo from the bridge, anyway. She made the leap and quickly raced up the tree trunk to one of the overhanging branches, where she disappeared from view. Such a tiny cat, but such amazing speed and agility — and claws! I was actually glad she moved so swiftly, so I had less time to worry (needlessly).

If you look closer, you can see one leg clearly outstretched as she speeds her way upward. And yes, I was standing on the bridge over the River Kwai (restaurant).