Happy Thanksgiving

Dressing in the Works
A quick post to wish all my American friends and family a happy thanksgiving! I’ve got the turkey breast in the oven right now. The cornbread dressing (seen above) is ready to go in when the turkey comes out, the pecan pie is done, and the mashed potatoes and green beans are up next! I’ve even found an online stream of the Macy’s Parade to help bring the whole atmosphere together!

PS, if you’re in the Netherlands and looking for cornmeal, try a good toko. You may also have to buy polenta, but it serves the same purpose and generally smells and tastes the same. I personally found mine in the “foreign foods” section of the Super de Borers on Biltstraat, but I’ve seen it in the tokos in town and even one of the stalls in the Saturday market sells it.