Two-Wheel Transport

Two-wheel Transport
I couldn’t resist the juxtaposition of the scooter and the motorcycle when I came across them near Lepelenburg Park. Both may be motorized, but they have very different associations. One putters along, while the other zooms. (Though anyone who has had a scooter zoom past them on a bike lane is likely to dispute the puttering bit. There are frequent demands to have scooters banned from bicycle lanes.)

Of the two, the scooter is the more common sight, at least in this part of town. You’ll see rows of them near restaurants that specialize in delivery, and you’ll see both young and old riding them around town.

But of course, it’s the non-motorized two-wheel transport that you’ll find most frequently, in large numbers, and never far away.
Two-wheel Transport

Bike Week

Bike vs Bike I remember visiting my grandparents in Daytona Beach during Bike Week, when hundreds, nay, thousands, of motorcyclists would invade the city, roaring up and down the streets. There was no missing their arrival! I’m not going anywhere in particular with that snippet of information. It’s more of a stream-of-consciousness thing. The memory simply popped into my head when I thought of doing a “bike week” here on my blog. In my case, Bike Week will be a series of photos of bicycles here in Utrecht that have caught my eye for one reason or another. But there will be a few motorcycles included in the pictures. For example, I enjoyed the pairing of this motorcycle and bicycle. Despite being a red BMW, it looks a bit dull in spots, whereas the bicycle looks nice and shiny. Still, it’s a nice looking motorcycle. Not all bicycles here look as shiny and nice. In fact, plenty are pretty beat up, and I’ve heard some rattle so much that they would give a motorcycle a run for its money in the noise department. So, if you like pictures of bicycles, stick around this week. If not, I’ll try to return to my usual posts of pretty streets in the sun, old buildings, and cats soon enough.

A Bicycle Built for Me

flamingofietsObviously, I have found my next bike. Could it be more perfect for me? Still, I have a strong DIY streak, so I figured I’d give it a shot making my own flamingo bicycle. How hard could it be?

I totally nailed it.
Flamingo Fiets

Apologies for the bad meme joke. 😉 Also I looked and looked for a source for the original photo, but had no luck. If it’s yours and you want it removed or certainly properly credited, just let me know. I just couldn’t resist.