Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween from our Black Cat Brigade! Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays in America. I like ghost stories. I love black cats. I love Edgar Allen Poe. I love black and orange. I love chocolate. I wasn’t really a fan of dressing up in costumes for myself, but I enjoyed finding costumes for Pippo. Really, what is there not to like about Halloween! I had all sorts of fun decorations for the house, but sadly, I left them all behind. Halloween is just another day here, really, although there have been a few Halloween-themed events this weekend.

Fortunately, it turns out a friend of mine is going to be sending me some candy corn, and I’ve always got my black cat familiars at my side, so all is not lost. I might read a few of my favorite Poe stories today, too. In the meantime, I wish you a happy and safe Halloween and leave you with a few photos of “the kids” Halloween-themed pictures.

Lola does her Dracula impersonation
Dracula impersonation

Which one is Luna and which is the decoration?
Cats checking out cats