Foto Vrijdag: Stormy Weather

Sun and Storms (no filter)
Not much blogging recently, huh. I just haven’t been in the mood. I blame it on the stormy, grey weather. Hail, heavy winds, lots of rain … with the occasional burst of sunlight as seen in the photo. This kind of weather makes me not want to do much of anything except hibernate. It looks like we might get some nicer weather Sunday, just in time for the kerstmarkt (Christmas market) on Twijnstraat, so hopefully I’ll get out and get to enjoy it once again. Gluhwein, cute animals at the live nativity, gluhwein …

Tomorrow, I may even finally put the tree up, since I did manage to make up a batch of homemade eggnog today. I’d also like to get the right holder so I can make some Chocomel (hot chocolate) in our coffee maker. Hmmm. I’m seeing a theme to my interests these days. Winter drinks. Maybe once I’ve had my fix of each, I’ll be feeling more of the seasonal spirit.