Good Friday

Paas [Day 83/365]
Whether you’re religious or not, Fridays are generally pretty good. I still have work to do this weekend, but I’m still happy that it’s Friday for some reason. Sadly, our weather isn’t so good. It’s been overcast much of today and looks to be the coldest Easter in at least 50 years. Though a White Christmas may be charming, a White Easter, not so much; yet there’s the possibility of snow in some areas. We’re also doing the time change this weekend, although if lots of people are getting Monday off, that might help with the adjustment. I’m not sure what it will do to my own frequently screwy ability to sleep; I’ll have to wait and see.

All of this is a rambling way of wishing you a Vrolijke Paasdagen (Happy Easter). Don’t forget, you’ve got through Sunday to leave an awesome comment for me at the Expats Blog writing contest. I’d send you chocolate eggs as a thanks, but I think I’ve eaten them all.

ETA: Moments after posting this, it began to snow here. Still coming down. Is this an early April Fool’s joke?

Looking for a Few Good Words

Lights and Lancets
Last week I entered a writing contest sponsored by Expats Blog. The theme for the contest was top things about your new home, with a lot of room for creativity. I went with the topic of five ways Utrecht combines cultural events with its historic settings.

The top articles will be chosen by Expats Blog, but they will also be awarding prizes for blogs with the most Tweets, Likes/Shares on Facebook, and the best comment on the article. I’m pretty sure I don’t stand a chance with the Twitter/Facebook prizes, considering some of the numbers I’ve seen, but a really great comment on the article is something attainable, especially with awesome readers such as yourselves. Plus, the comments are the most satisfying. So, if you feel like putting in a good word for me, go here, give my article a read through and leave a comment at the end. If I win best comment, I’ll send the commenter a little something from Utrecht.