Foto Vrijdag 2.37 Sunday Edition

Rhythm & Balloons
Best laid plans of mice and men and all that …

I had intentions of doing some writing here this week, but somehow it just didn’t materialize. It’s been one of those weeks. I spent all week meaning to upload my photos from last Sunday’s Uitfeest event here in town, but didn’t get that done until this morning. Oh well. Better late than never!

Now that I’ve used up all sorts of clichés and trite expressions, here’s your belated Foto Vrijdag picture. There was a Spanish group performing at the Domplein last Sunday, and I caught this shot of the bass player and the colorful balloons that were all over the Domplein. The Uitfeest is the annual opening celebration of the start of the cultural season. In fact, the Netherlands Film Festival opens this week here in town. Maybe I’ll get to see a celebrity again this year. Is Michiel Huisman in town this year?

Star Gazing

After dinner last night, we headed over to the Potdeksel for a couple of drinks to celebrate G’s return home after a week-long trip to Italy. As we arrived, we saw a number of people — vaguely dressed up — hovering in the general area, along with a number of large black Land Rovers. We went inside to say hi to Kris and I asked if there was a party going on that evening. In a sense, there was. It was the opening party/event being held at the Stadsschouwburg just down the street for the Nederlands Film Festival. The festival itself starts today, but they had a few introductory events yesterday, it seems.

It turned out that some of the people standing around on the terras (terrace) of the Potdeksel were a bit famous. There was a film producer/director, as well as an actor, Thomas Acda. There was even a personal assistant! It was all so glam. 😉 G and I proceeded to joke with each other about how he’d been at Lake Como with George — Clooney, that is — but flew in just for the film festival, and how I was working on a documentary film about Utrecht. It was good having him back home to be silly with!

Sadly, I didn’t see any Louboutins; maybe those don’t come out until the last night for the award ceremony. Last night most of the attendees I saw seemed fairly casual, although vaguely trendy. If I remember, I’ll take my camera over to the theater on award night and play paparazzi.

The large Land Rover in black or silver seemed to be the official rental car of the evening. Is that the Dutch — or at least Utrechter — version of the limo? As it was, traffic was getting backed up on Lucasbolwerk. I can only imagine how bad it would have been if they’d actually had limousines!

Nederlands Film Festival

It’s that time again! The Nederlands Film Festival begins it’s 10-day run tomorrow. As I type, they’re setting up the Golden Calf in front of the Stadsschouwburg over on Lucabolwerk. They’ve had some of the posters up for the past few days, but the Golden Calf wasn’t there and I was worried it had been a one-off thing last year. As I took Pippo out this morning, I was thrilled to see a flash of gold through the trees. Jahoe!

Sadly, no Rutger Hauer this year, at least not publicized; he received a special award last year. That was when I found out he was Dutch. I’d always thought he was German or Scandinavian. How embarrassing! Despite being a fan of his for years, I’d never been sure of his nationality. I blame it on the fact that we couldn’t just Google any celeb we were curious about back in the day, so the reality was I knew next to nothing about Hauer except for the fact that he made some very cool films.

This year, they’re focusing on Dutch filmmakers who have gained some popularity in the international market, but haven’t really been well-known domestically. The title of the theme is The Dutch Angle, a bit of a pun, since that is also a technical term for a particular type of angle or perspective in filming. The Wikipedia entry gives a good example, since it doesn’t make as much sense when just described, at least not to me.

Oh, and for the record, the Golden Calf is the award statuette that is given to the winners on the final night of the festival. Sort of like the Oscar.

Pippo checking out the recently installed film festival set-up at the Neude. He approves the color choices.

Film Festival

(This photo taken over at Neude, in front of the main post office.)
The Netherlands Film Festival begins today. They’ve been setting up over at the theater for the past couple of days. Hopefully, I’ll manage to get some pictures tomorrow or in the days to come. What I’d love to get is a picture of is Rutger Hauer, as he’s receiving a Golden Calf for Culture Award tonight. Blade Runner!!!

Maybe by next year we’ll understand a bit more of the language to make it worthwhile trying to attend something or other.