A Bicycle Built for Me

flamingofietsObviously, I have found my next bike. Could it be more perfect for me? Still, I have a strong DIY streak, so I figured I’d give it a shot making my own flamingo bicycle. How hard could it be?

I totally nailed it.
Flamingo Fiets

Apologies for the bad meme joke. 😉 Also I looked and looked for a source for the original photo, but had no luck. If it’s yours and you want it removed or certainly properly credited, just let me know. I just couldn’t resist.

Judo Champions, Mars, and Flamingos

Here’s a quick news roundup for you all.

The flamingos at the Amersfoort Zoo here in the Utrecht region have laid four eggs. This is the first time the birds have bred in ten years! The eggs hatch around 28 days, so we should have some more flamingos in the region by the end of the month.

Last night, right before the men’s 100m race, some idiot threw a bottle down onto the track behind the runners. Fortunately, the runners weren’t hit or truly distracted. Fortunately — for everyone who hates that kind of idiocy and poor sportsmanship — Edith Bosch, one of the Dutch women who won an Olympic medal in judo this year, was sitting right behind the idiot. Horrified by what he had done, she gave him a hard smack on the back with the flat of her hand. Somehow, I suspect the hit of a judo champion might have a bit more force and power behind it! Good for her! Too bad she missed the actual race.

Finally, it was exciting to wake up to the news this morning of Curiosity’s landing on Mars. It turns out that a scientist at Utrecht University played a role in the project. Inge Loes ten Kate worked for five years on one of the instruments that is aboard the Mars rover. The instrument will be analysing soil and gas samples. She’ll continue to be involved in the project over the next two years.

More Flamingos in Utrecht

Look What We Found!
Imagine my surprise when I was scrolling through my Twitter feed just now and saw a new story that said that flamingos were spotted in Utrecht. Did they mean me? Had someone noticed me while I was out on the grocery run today?

It seems they weren’t talking about this particular flamingo but two real ones! They were spotted in Hoograven today. According to the story, it seems they each have a ring, so they are most likely escaped flamingos, but it’s not clear yet who is missing a pair of pink birds. Check out the news story for some great photos of the two who made their own great escape.