They Ryan Prebble show on Wednesday was fantastic. Truly impressive and I’m so glad I got to see him perform live. He’s crazy talented and really throws himself into the performance, even in a small venue like U Rock Café. He did two songs from his album Fruits, but the rest were new (at least to me). All were great. At one point, he was going to do another song off of Fruits, but then changed his mind. When I spoke to him afterward, he said that he figured the song was a bit too mellow and that the crowd would probably prefer he keep it more energetic. Understandable. He kept the blues/roots theme going for the whole show and hopefully won over a few new fans.

It turns out he actually performed here in Utrecht a few weeks ago at the Uitfeest! He was part of the big concert going on over at the Vredenburg. I looked at the Uitfeest program a lot and saw that concert listing, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t listed at the time. Damn! Sadly, he’s back to New Zealand soon, so no more opportunities to see him any time soon. I’m just glad I found out he was here in time to see the show this week. I also found out that he was touring in Europe last year as a member of The Black Seeds, filling in for Mike Fab. Another series of concerts I was sad to miss, but I think they weren’t playing the most convenient of dates and places for us to make it last year. Oh well.

Ryan has also been a part of some of the Fly My Pretties programs and I think he’s back for the latest installment in December (in New Zealand). I got a kick out of seeing the FMP sticker on his guitar case. (If you’re still reading, you’re either a fan of kiwi music or completely bewildered at this point. Sorry. Most of this post is really just a bit of fan-girl giddiness. 😉 )

Cheers for the awesome show, Ryan!