Foto Vrijdag: Reflections in a Window

Domtoren window reflectionI used to do a weekly Foto Vrijdag (Photo Friday) thing, but that morphed into Wordless Wednesday. Maybe now I’ll do both. This was a reflection of the Domtoren and part of the Pausdam in a window early this morning. Another bright, blue sky, autumn day.

Foto Friday: Pretty Ugly

Pretty UglyUtrecht is full of traditional Dutch architecture, with brick galore and stepped roof facades. But we also have a few more modern buildings, including the Neudeflat seen in the distance. This building, in particular, is pretty reviled throughout the city for being straight-up ugly, but there are a few who sing the building’s praises.

Me? I think I’d like it more if I could get up on the top floor to take photos of the city. If anyone knows how I can do that or when it will be open to the public the next time, please let me know. I will say that this Ode on the Neudeflat (in Dutch) did give me some new insight into the building that makes me like it much more now.

Zakkendrager Revisited … Again

Zakkendrager Art
I really do love this street. I posted various photos of it — and some of the wall art — earlier in the year. Any time I head to the Vredenburg market on Saturdays, I always cut through Zakkendragersteeg, because it’s just so charming and picturesque and gezellig. Last week, as we cut through to the market, I noticed this new bit of wall art. It’s a bit of decoration for Restaurant de Zakkendrager, with a bit of influence from Vermeer. Yet another reason for me to love this narrow street.

In fact, the Oudaen castle that I posted about in my last Time Travel entry is next to this street, so if you visit one, you can see the other! Further down Zakkendragersteeg, there are also some new posters up on the wall, showing old photos and drawings of the area, while explaining a bit of the history. Sadly, my camera’s batteries were dying at that point, not to mention it was starting to rain, so I don’t have any photos of those to share. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to go again soon and maybe check some of the other side streets off the Oudegracht to see if there are more of these posters.

We’re expecting more rain again this weekend, so I doubt I’ll do much exploring, but I am thinking of heading to the Utrechtse Archief (Utrecht Archives) to check out an exhibit of old photos showing how animals have been a part of the city over the years. Fijn weekend!

Foto Vrijdag: Dutch Architecture

I love walking through the old city center, because you can always find an interesting building to admire, be it more modern or more traditional, or maybe something in between. As we were walking to the Streekmarkt Sunday, we took a slightly different route than normal and came across this lovely building from 1895. I love the warmth and crispness of the combination of the brick and white detailing, and the whimsical bits of detail add to the charm of the building. The modified stairstep facade is typical of this part of the world. Add in a beautiful blue sky and it’s hard not to stop and admire such a building.

Foto Vrijdag: Things I Saw Today

Another bright, sunny day today, which also meant some interesting shadows. This one caught my eye. Click.
Then I figured I might as well get a shot of the chimney that was the source of that particular shadow, framed by the clear blue sky. Click.
Shadow Rider 63.365
Then my eye was caught by the interesting shadows on the brick street. I took a shot, but it was a bit dull. Then, as often happens, a bike came by, presenting a more interesting shot. Click.