Subtle Signs of Integration

Frietsaus of wietsaus?
Deciding to enjoy the nice weather — which turned out to be much warmer than yesterday! — we headed out to take a few photos and then get our hands on the “gratis frites” from Manneken Pis. Since we were over by the Stadhuis, we went to the shop on Steenweg. There was a steady, but fast-moving line of people getting their friet with the choice of wietsaus (weed sauce) or mayo/frietsaus. I asked for wietsaus, but I think we both got frietsaus, which tastes a lot like tartar sauce, to be honest.


The friet were tasty, as always, but also really hot! To give them a bit of time to cool off, we headed over to Flora’s Hof to have a seat and enjoy the friet and scenery. I hadn’t eaten many before I started to feel full, despite not having had anything to eat before heading out. The free size was the smallest size they offered, which is even called the kinder (child) size. The Dutch need to stop making fun of American portions if that’s their child size! G and I both figured we could have split one easily! I guess I really am getting used to smaller portions. Look! It’s a handfull!

Kinder Size

On the way home, we happened to see a couple walking next to their bikes, which were the normal bikes, nothing sporty. The odd thing was that the woman was wearing a helmet. The only time I see an adult wearing a bicycle helmet these days is if they’re doing the full-on sport cycling. My first thought was that she must be a tourist/foreigner.

Between finding the smallest portion of food to be too large and then seeing an adult wearing a helmet and thinking “they’re not from ’round here”, I had to laugh at how I’ve definitely experienced a shift in thinking since moving here. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Free Weed

… sauce and fries!

Remember the other week when I mentioned that Manneken Pis was going to start offering a wietsaus (weed sauce) as one of the various dipping options? Well, now is your chance to try it for yourself. Tomorrow (21 April, although I’m guessing it would have been even more appropriate today if you go with the American way of telling the date, 4/20) they will be giving away free fries and your choice of wietsaus or regular frietsaus.

Running from 12-18:00, they’ll be giving away 10,000 Schanulleke-size portions at the shops located on Steenweg, Vredenburgplein, and Bakkerstraat. The owner is taking this opportunity to introduce the new (non-THC) weed sauce and celebrate winning the Frietopia Awards.

So whether you’re doing some shopping, attending the literary festival, or just taking in the city, you can satisfy any munchies you may have.

Source: DUIC