Waar In Utrecht

Quizmaster and Burgemeester
Saturday afternoon we stopped in briefly at CafĂ© De Stad in order to attend the presentation of the 2011 Waar In Utrecht (Where in Utrecht) calendar. Waar In Utrecht is a quiz in which a photo of a location in Utrecht is posted either on Twitter or through the website — or is part of a calendar — and the player has to guess where that spot is located. It’s player-driven, in that the person who guesses correctly via Twitter is then the one to supply the next photo. There’s usually some small prize such as a free ice cream or stamppot for the Twitter version, and a variety of prizes for the calendar version (a new photo each week).

I’ve played — and won — a few times, and now it seems that one of my photos made the final cut for the 2011 calendar. The quizmaster/organizer e-mailed me last month to see if I had any Sinterklaas photos that he could use, and he found one of mine that he thought would work. I was pretty sure the photo had made it in to the calendar, but got my final confirmation this weekend when I saw this photo. That’s my photo of Sinterklaas! (Appropriately, Saturday was also the day that Sinterklaas arrived in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, I missed the arrival this year. Someone else will have to supply the photo for 2012.)

Alas, the calendar presentation party was packed, and we couldn’t stay long, so I didn’t get to buy my copy of the calendar. I’ll just have to order mine online, most likely. But at least I can say I was at the same party as Utrecht’s mayor. Burgemeester Wolfsen was the first recipient of the new calendar.
Burgemeester Wolfsen

Big Yellow Birdies and Buildings

Friday I gave you a bit of a challenge to recognize where in Utrecht the big birdy could be found. Since I took the photo, I kind of knew, but to be honest, I was cheating a bit and hoping someone else could give me some more information about the specific location, because it’s more than just birdies. It’s part of a whole building complex.
Willem Arntsz Huis
I knew I’d seen photos of it before in one of the Flickr Utrecht groups, so eventually I did track down some more information by finding some photos other people have taken of the big yellow building. It turns out to be the Willem Arntsz Huis, a mental health institution. The modern yellow building is just part of a larger and long-standing complex, but it’s certainly an eye-catching and interesting one. It might not blend, especially in the museum quarter, but it’s still attractive. The more recent addition of the budgerigars adds a certain whimsy to the intense geometry of the building.
Geel Huis
For the record, it’s on Vrouwjuttenhof, just off Vrouwjuttenstraat, which in turn is off Lange Nieuwstraat.

Foto Vrijday 2.16

In honor of the fact that I won today’s round of Waar in Utrecht, I figured I’d play my own version with one of my photos. Anyone who lives in Utrecht or knows the city might know where this bird is located. It’s here in the city center. Do you know? Put your guess in the comments. I’d offer a prize, but I can’t really think of anything at the moment!

Remember Hay-Zoos? The hairdressers shop where he’s located was the mystery location in today’s Waar in Utrecht game. I won the WiU title and an ice cream. Yay!


Do you know where this is in Utrecht? I do, and as a result, I won today’s round of Waar In Utrecht (Where In Utrecht), a daily game to see who can recognize random spots around town. If you know the day’s location, and have a Twitter account, you can send in your answer. I won for being the first person to send in the correct answer, but there will be another drawing today from the other correct entries. The prize is a Waar In Utrecht calendar for 2010.

I took this photo last year, but happened to be by the spot again this past Sunday on the way home from the kerstmarkt. As a winner of the contest, I had to send in my own submission. It was hard choosing. Would the one I chose be too hard or would it be too easy? I narrowed my choice down to two or three pictures, and debated the merits of each, before finally choosing one. Hopefully, it’s not too easy. Of course, what I think is easy, others may find hard (I said hard), and vice versa. I’m just happy to have finally recognized a spot!

Wow! It turns out that not only was I the fastest to answer, I was the only one to answer today (at least correctly).

WaarInUtrecht#WiU-54 De snelste goede inzender is ook de enige goede inzender! @AliBess wint op alle fronten. Juiste antwoord: Korte/Lange Nieuwstraat.

The funny thing is that it actually ties in with one of my recent Foto Vrijdag entries. This carving is right there next to De Rechtebank. In this photo, you can just see the carving on the far left, while the fence is the same fence the Rechtebank terrace sits behind.