Flowers in Bloem

Utrecht Bloemenmarkt
The gorgeous weather of this weekend has been replaced by rain today, so I didn’t get to work planting the bloemen (flowers) I bought Saturday at the bloemenmarkt (flower market). The Utrecht bloemenmarkt is held every Saturday at Janskerkhof, from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. There’s a wide variety of plants on offer, including seeds, herbs, potted trees, cut flowers, hanging plants and trays of potted plants you can then plant in your own garden. It’s fun just to wander through the whole market, admiring the pretty colors and arrangements.
Potted Plants

Row Upon Row

Bloomin' Bloemen


There were some beautiful lupins, one of the few plants I tend to recognize, and that’s because of a Monty Python sketch.
More Lupins


There were also two separate accordion players there, playing what seems to be the only two songs that are allowed to be played on the accordion.

As with just about any flowers here in the Netherlands, the prices are amazingly cheap. As I mentioned the other day, I got 18 little pots of flowers for €10, and you can easily get cut flowers for ridiculously low prices. The more common the flowers — tulips, roses, gerbera daisies — the less they cost. It’s not unheard of to get 20 or more flowers for around €5-8.

Mooie kleuren
If you’re in Utrecht some Saturday, stop by the bloemenmarkt. It’s a beautiful display in a beautiful setting.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Flower Clog
I forgot to post this last month when our friends came for dinner and brought this lovely flower arrangement. How cute is it to use the clogs (klompen) as flower pots!

Today was spent doing my yearly taxes (in Dutch), so forgive me for the short-and-sweet post.