Put Your Best Foot Forward

Flower Clog
I forgot to post this last month when our friends came for dinner and brought this lovely flower arrangement. How cute is it to use the clogs (klompen) as flower pots!

Today was spent doing my yearly taxes (in Dutch), so forgive me for the short-and-sweet post.

Cheese Anniversary

Big Ball o' Cheese
You know how each wedding anniversary supposedly has a different type of gift associated with it, such as paper, wood, silver, or diamonds? Well, perhaps there’s a similar gift symbolism for expat/immigration anniversaries. If so, it would seem that cheese is the two-year anniversary gift.

On Friday, when we went to the Potdeksel to meet up with some friends, they surprised us with that lovely wheel of cheese you see. It even came in a charmingly Dutch gift box.
Cheese Anniversary
It’s a delicious wheel of good ol’ Hollandse Edam, looking quite official with its stamps and identifiers.
Hollandse Edam
Most importantly, though, it’s delicious! Heerlijk! Lekker!
Lekker [Day 147/365]
We have fabulous friends!

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

I seem to have developed a bit of a cough today. I’m hoping it goes no further, as I really don’t want a cold right now. But as I’m feeling a bit under the weather, this week’s posts may end up being photo-heavy/word-light.

Merian and I had been discussing flower vases and such last week, so when she came by on Friday before we all went to see Eddie Izzard, she surprised us with a lovely selection of vases, and lots of tulips to put in them all. It’s been lovely having this bit of brightness to cheer up the place amid all the cold and rain we’ve been having.