The Return of Summer Darkness

Utrecht's Unusual Festival
It’s time for one of my favourite festivals in Utrecht. Summer Darkness is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Ten years of Goths, Lolitas, and other alternative types invading Utrecht for a festival of art, music, fashion, markets and more. Oddly enough, it does seem to coincide with the rare week of warm weather. I’m not always sure that’s a good thing, considering some of the corsets, rubber and other warm outfits many of the attendees are usually wearing.

In between the Olympic events, I’ll probably head over to the Domplein this weekend to check out some of the fashion shows and the general crowd that is always on hand, ready for a few photo ops. It’s a great mix of old and young, Goth and non-Goth. There’s a link and more info about the festival in the Calendar of Events section.

In other random news, I attended an Expat Desk focus group last night and enjoyed getting the chance to discuss the things that would be helpful for new and established expats. Best of all, I also got to meet Jane from Jane in Utrecht. What a great surprise! She’s just as wonderful and interesting to talk with as her blog, which I always enjoy.

In integration news, I rode my bike over to the meeting last night (not something I do often) and I did it while wearing heels. I still get wobbly when other cars, bikes and scooters pass too close, i.e., on the same street, but I’m getting much better!

ETA: I just found out that the Domtoren will be playing a few special songs for the opening of Summer Darkness today. From the Summer Darkness Facebook page:

The official opening of Summer Darkness with the unique entertainment of Malgosia Fiebig, Carilloneur Extraordinaire of the Dom Church will play 3 dark birthdaysong.. which ones?
Qntal – Palastinalied
Within Temptation – Ice Queen
And Last but most certainly not least:
Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence
We hope you will all enjoy this unique musical moment.

Everyone Loves Frites

Patat Met Goth
It’s that time of year when all the Goth kids converge on Utrecht for the Summer Darkness festival. I love this festival, because it means that the streets of Utrecht get that little bit more interesting as you see some fantastically dressed people out and about. It also takes me back to my younger days when I had a certain fondness for all things goth, myself. I still have my favorite Bauhaus T-shirt and various albums by The Damned and Misfits and Christian Death.

Today, G and I headed over to the Domplein to see one of the fashion shows and to check out all the other people checking out the market. There were some good looks, but no one stood out to me as much as a couple of the people from last year. I might go back again tomorrow to take some more photos. I’ll certainly post more of the photos I took today.

I had to post this one, though. We rounded the corner from Servietstraat onto the Oudegracht and when I saw this couple, sitting there eating their patat met and seated next to the colorful big ice cream cone, I couldn’t resist. I did ask first if I could take their photo and they graciously agreed. I enjoyed getting shots of normal looking people contrasted with the Goths, or pictures of Goths doing normal things, but this was the piece de resistance. Love it!

As G said, “Even Goths like frites“.