As I mentioned on Friday, we went that evening to our friends in Oudewater to finally experience the Dutch tradition of gourmetten. This indoor electric grill is such a fun way to cook a lot of types of food and great for entertaining, since you all sit together and cook your own food. M and R set up a fantastic spread for us that night, as you can see. If you click on the picture, it should take you to the Flickr page, where you´ll be able to see the notes listing each food item. To give you the short version, we had a selection of beef, pork and chicken, some plain and some marinated, along with mini burgers, mini slavink, and a lovely variety of vegetables, and some beaten egg to make our own omlettes in the little triangular trays you see there. On top of it all, we had a huge bowl of bread and a variety of sauces. It really was both tasty and fun. I can´t wait to get my own gourmetten now!

This was the table after we´d eaten. A few bits and pieces left, but not too much. I didn´t get any cooking shots, because to be honest, I was too busy eating and enjoying myself and the camera was out of reach.

While we were there, we also got to meet their new kitten, Miles! She´s so soft and adorable, although still a bit skittish. However, she was also a bit curious, eventually.

And finally, it wouldn´t be right to leave out their other cat, Bob. Such a sweetie!

Foto Vrijdag 2.9

This is one that is best viewed large to catch some of the more interesting details, particularly the woman with her legs dangling out the window as she reads and catches some of the glorious spring sunshine!

I had the pleasure of meeting up with another expat yesterday, and after a fun chat at the Café Graaf Floris, we wandered along the Oudegracht and enjoyed the beautiful light. It wasn’t as warm as it looked, but the fantastic sunshine helped make up for that.

Today, the sunshine has gone and there’s snow making an appearance in parts of the country and it’s particularly cold. Doesn’t matter, though, as we’re headed to Oudewater this evening to finally experience gourmetten!