Arts and Crafts

Big Bare Tree
I’ve been busy this week working on a few finishing touches for some of the rooms. I finally got up the nerve to start work on the canvases I bought a few weeks ago. The end result is seen above. I’m quite happy with it, actually, and it felt good to be painting again. Maybe I’ll have to do more of it. I’m also happy with how the image turned out split into two canvases. It helps fill the space and adds a bit of extra interest to the fairly stark, simple image. The basic inspiration came from a photo canvas I saw in a local art print shop. Then I started looking for my own tree photo to use for the image, but didn’t ultimately find the right one, so I went with a photo of a tree I found on Flickr, although as usual, I focused in on just one small part of the tree.
Pillow #1
I have also been busy working on one of the throw pillows for the sofa. One down, one to go. I would have finished the first one sooner, except I broke the needle on my sewing machine while trying to square off a corner. Oops. The fabric was such a great find. It’s perfect with the orange wall and the big yellow sofa. I’m hoping to get the second pillow finished tomorrow, particularly as we’re having company next week. A business friend of G’s is coming into town for the week, so the pressure is on to get the house presentable. The language issue should be interesting. He only speaks Italian and my Italian is pretty rusty; even more so since trying to learn Dutch. I get so mixed up that I end up speaking a gibberish mixture of Dutch, French, Italian and English. Horosho!

It’s been a fairly quiet week otherwise. Mainly because I’ve barely left the house because it’s been quite warm and humid. It got up into the high 80s a few days this week. When you have absolutely no AC and not even a small electric fan, it can be quite uncomfortable. It’s warmish today, but at least there’s been a decent breeze, so it’s not too bad.

Oh! One last thing. I continue to love our local fish shop. So friendly! Today we stopped in for some tuna. There was a new (to us, at least) guy working there who was helping us, but the guy we usually talk to was there as well. He threw in a free handful of clams for us to try; probably because of the conversation we had last week about clams. I think we’re fitting in.